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What is in the Web Site?
The site can be explored through a number of different pathways:
The Ceramic Collections provide a visual index to 2000 years of pottery forms and shapes (the online catalogue is gradually evolving and expanding); you will also find a short-cut to the collections in the list on the top right of the banner. A 13th century well assemblage
People and their Collections includes case studies of some of the collectors and excavators. Rupert Bruce-Mitford, wearing military dress at the beginning of WWII
A vessel for everyman and his family explores consumers and users' needs. Puzzle jug for commercial distribution
Fingerprints of the maker concentrates on the potter and producer. Clay diggings at Brill Common
Student Presentations: First year undergraduate
  Seacourt Revisited.
  New Bodleian Re-evaluation.
Study Modules: A dated Staffordshire type slipwasre
  Why is pottery the ABC of archaeology?
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