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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic
Ceramic Collections (some links are currently inactive)

The Ashmoleans's ceramic collections are not only of world-class importance but are wide-ranging. They are split into four categories which are further sub-divided as follows:

Early Europe & Near East Classical to Medieval: Europe from 1500: Oriental and Islamic:
Prehistoric Europe Greek English delftware Chinese
Ancient Egyptian & Nubian Etruscan English porcelain Indian & South-east Asian
Ancient Greek Roman French & German porcelain Islamic
Cypriot Romano-British Italian maiolica Japanese 
Near East Anglo-Saxon Spanish lustreware Japanese Export Porcelain
    Byzantine Staffordshire salt-glaze  •  Japanese Domestic Porcelain 
    Medieval Europe Studio pottery    
        English stoneware    
        Rhenish stoneware    
        English Earthenware    

As a first step PotWeb has focused on the Museum's superb collection of medieval and later ceramics. Ultimately it will be expanded to encompass all the collections throughout the Museum.

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