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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic
The Ceramic Collections
Oriental and Islamic:
Chinese [inactive]
The Chinese collection is particularly strong in the Greenwares and other ceramics of the 3rd - 12th centuries AD. It also includes an extensive collection of later porcelain
Indian and South-east Asian [inactive]
These relatively small collections range in date from Indus Valley wares (c. 2000BC) to late 19th-century Indian Art School pottery
The collection offers a concise but comprehensive overview of Islamic pottery from the 9th - 18th centuries AD. Highlights include 17th and 18th-century Persian Blue-and-White wares
The Museum has one of the finest collections of Japanese export porcelain, and one of only two collections of pre-export porcelain from the first half of the 17th century, together with stonewares made for the domestic market from the 16th century onwards.
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