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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic
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Early Europe & Near East:
Prehistoric Europe [inactive]
Includes the first pots in the Balkans (c. 8000BC) to an important collection of British funerary vessels of the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age date up to the beginning of the Roman period
Ancient Egyptian & Nubian
A comprehensive array from some of the earliest pottery-making cultures, which include the original type series from which the chronology of prehistoric Egypt was established
Ancient Greek
Much of the very important Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaen material from the Greek Bronze Age resulted from the excavation of Knossos and the discovery of the Minoan civilisation by Arthur, later Sir Arthur Evans, Keeper of the Ashmolean from 1884 to 1908; the Geometric period is also well represented. The later centuries of the Hellenistic Period include Megarian bowls and Attic West Slope ware
Cypriot [inactive]
The Cypriot collection ranges from the Early Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period, and is one of the most comprehensive of its kind anywhere outside Cyprus
Near East [inactive]
This is the most representative collection in the UK outside the British Museum of pottery from ancient Palestine to Mesopotamia, dating from c. 6000 BC to c. 4500BC
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