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PotWeb Phase II: The Online Catalogue

The Online Catalogue will revolutionise accessibility of the Museum's rich and varied collections, since it will be universally available through the Internet. Many items which cannot be displayed at present will be presented for the first time. This visual thesaurus will create an invaluable guide for archaeologists, historians and collectors using it as a reference tool, for craftsmen and designers seeking inspiration, and for an interested public. In addition to full details of the vessels themselves, PotWeb will provide information on the contexts in which they were produced, traded, utilised and collected, combining a valuable dimension of social history with the archaeological data.

The Catalogue will contain three levels of information: a thumb-nail image with recommended name for the form; a standard image with the common name of the ware, its height, specific date, and contextual information with references to publication and collection history; and, where appropriate, detailed images of decorative motifs.

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