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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic

2000 years of pottery forms and shapes
Late Medieval AD 1350 - 1450

Brill/Boarstall ware Brill/Boarstall ware; identifier pw15d Brill/Boarstall ware; identifier pw16d Brill/Boarstall ware; identifier pw129d Brill/Boarstall ware; identifier pw128d Brill/Boarstall ware; identifier pw127d
Cylindrical mugs Drinking jugs, biconical & rounded Rounded jug Rounded jug Shouldered jug
Assorted wares Potterspury type ware; identifier pw46d Nottingham Green Glazed Sandy ware;  identifier pw47d Surrey/Hampshire Border ware; identifier pw136d    
Rounded jug Baluster jug with lid Domed lid
Jars were less common during the late medieval period, but now displayed rims with internal flanges on occasions, possibly to accommodate a lid. Jugs were used as decanters, and those with a smaller capacity probably as drinking vessels. Applied plastic decoration was less popular than in the previous period. Well-glazed mugs were new innovations as were cisterns with bung holes for decanting the liquid contents. Dripping pans, designed to catch the juices under the spit during the cooking of meat expanded the potter's repertoire, as did chafing dishes to keep the food warm at table and costrels for carrying liquid (not illustrated).
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