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2000 years of pottery forms and shapes

Post-medieval AD 1600 - 1720
Redware London Post-medieval redware; identifier pw108 Redware; identifier pw104 Redware; identifier pw103 Redware; identifier pw40
Chafing dish Rounded jar Pear-shaped jug Flared bowl
Redware Redware; identifier pw107 Redware; identifier pw105 Redware; identifier pw110 Redware, Martincamp-type; identifier pw43
Chamber pot Chamber pot Mercury jar Globular flask
Redware London Early Post-medieval redware type; identifier pw137 Redware; identifier pw71 Redware; identifier pw64  
Cucurbit Rounded bowl Flared mug
Slipped redwares Wrotham slipware; identifier pw74 Wrotham slipware; identifer pw73 Slipware; identifier pw75
Flared mug Flared mug Lidded posset pot

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The post-medieval period heralds the consumer age with a wider variety of mass-produced forms in varying colours. The medieval shapes had largely been replaced by vessels with very specific functions, many of which are still readily recognisable in the twenty-first century — plates and chamber pots.
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