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PotWeb: Ceramics online
@ the Ashmolean Museum
Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic
PotWeb Business Plan
Phase I The Database £118,000
A start has been made on this phase and will be completed in five years.
Phase II The Online Catalogue £176,000
The Online Catalogue will be free worldwide. The catalogue is already underway. Completion of the catalogue will follow completion of the database. The sale of copyright images and accompanying literature will generate some funds for the project
Phase III Interactive Educational Package £88,000
This worldwide educational service will again be free. Online educational resource packs will be available on subscription. Additional learning components could be commissioned from PotWeb, furnishing further income. Development will start in Autumn 2001.
Phase IV Interactive Visitor Facility £118,000
The final stage will include interactive facilities for Museum visitors and researchers and costs also include a provision for vigorous promotional marketing via the Internet, journals and conferences.
Total Project Requirement £500,000
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