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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1990.1241
  • Catalogue No.: 277
  • Object type: Bowl
  • Kiln/Location: Shibuemon type
  • Period/Date: probably early 18th century
  • Dimensions: H. 4.0 cm, D. 14.7 cm
  • Provenance: Story Fund
  • Description: Bowl. Wide everted rolled-over rim. Underglaze blue, red and green, and enamels with tripartite formal design of linked ribbons, tassels and emblems. The exterior with three formal plant patterns in underglaze blue.

    This group is singled out not only for the famous dated examples (see below), but also because the patterns in general appear to derive directly from textiles. For a very similar set of five, see Nezu, 2000, pl. 106. An underglaze blue variant of this shape and pattern is illustrated by Seki Kazuo, Beauty of Prime Period Imari, Osaka, 1990, pl. 15. For the famous complex patterned example, inscribed 'Eighth year of Genroku [1695], Kaki', in the Umezawa Kinenkan, Tokyo, of which this is a pale shadow, see Sekai toji zenshu, 8, 1978, pl. 53. For other examples of this group of wares, see, e.g., Toguri, 1991, pls. 212-15, 217, 218; Kyushu Ceramic Museum, 1999, pls. 196-203.

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