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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1985.49
  • Catalogue No.: 193
  • Object type: Jar and cover
  • Kiln/Location: Kakiemon, Arita
  • Period/Date: c. 1700
  • Dimensions: H. 34.0 cm, D. 24.0 cm
  • Provenance: Gift of Jeffrey Story and Walter Cook
  • Description: Jar with cover. Baluster form, moulded in low relief with one tier of lobes descending to the shoulder and another to the foot. Fitted cover with everted rim overhangs neck, lobed in two tiers, knob moulded in form of flower. Kakiemon palette. On body, shishi, poppy sprays, grasshoppers, Chinese boy, pine, butterfly and insects scattered sparsely. Peacock, bird, flowers and insects on shoulder; poppy, spray, flowers and grasshopper on lid.

    This pattern, or rather this series of individual motifs used in conjunction, scattered over the surface, is the same as on certain plates, and has been called the 'lion, butterfly and sprig' pattern. For a similar piece at the Cleveland Museum of Art, see the St. Louis catalogue, 1970, pl. 98. For another in the Musee Conde at Chantilly, see Le Duc, 1996, pp. 85, 362 where a soft-paste Chantilly copy is also illustrated and dated to c. 1735. For a Meissen copy, dated to 1725-30, see Bursche, 1980, pl. 176. A Japanese trumpet vase, unfluted but of the same pattern was in the art market recently; the trumpet vase was imitated at Meissen, see Porcelain for Palaces, 1990, pl. 299, for an example in the British Museum dated to c. 1730. The shape was also imitated at Chantilly for versions that bear chinoiserie decoration after Jean- Antoine Fraisse. See Porcelain for Palaces, 1990, pl. 188; and Le Duc, 1996, pp. 116, 117, for the Chantilly example now in the Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City; and for another in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, see Le Duc, 1996, p. 118.

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  • Illustrated: Nelson and Impey, 1994, fig. 4
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