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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1993.17
  • Catalogue No.: 189
  • Object type: Candlestick
  • Kiln/Location: Kakiemon style, Arita
  • Period/Date: late 17th century
  • Dimensions: H. 24.2 cm
  • Provenance: Story Fund
  • Description: Tripod candlestick. The stem imitating bamboo and decorated in Kakiemon enamels with prunus and pine. The hollow trunk reveals the lack of the flower-shaped drip-pan at the top. Circular base with three shishi heads in similar enamels from which spring three scrolled legs (replacements), the top missing.

    The example in the British Museum (BM 1696), illustrated in Porcelain for Palaces, 1990, pl. 142, and those in the Victoria and Albert Museum, illustrated Lunsingh Scheurleer, 1980, fig. 559, have, as here and in most other examples, lost most of the top section. Evidence of what this was originally like comes from the candlestick of the same model, but enamelled in Imari colours, in the Tanakamaru Collection (Fukuoka Art Museum catalogue, 1990, p. 206), that was dug from the grave of the daimyo Kuroda Tsunamasa (1659-1711) at Sofukuji, Hakata. This demonstrates that the drip-pan was flower-shaped, with a metal spike. The British Museum example has lost the petals, but a truncated, striped column in the centre of the flower (from which the metal spike protrudes) must represent the stamens of a camellia flower. It therefore seems likely that each candlestick had a camellia flower (tsubaki) as a drip-pan. A squat candlestick using the feet of this model with no stem is in the Kurita Collection, Ashikaga (Kurita, 1975, pl. 68); a blue-and-white base, similar to this, supporting a dish as a tazza, is in the Musee Ariana, Geneva.

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