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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1978.645
  • Catalogue No.: 50
  • Object type: Jar and associated lid
  • Kiln/Location: Early Enamelled Ware, Arita
  • Period/Date: 1660-80
  • Dimensions: H. 22.2 cm, D. 17.3 cm
  • Provenance: Reitlinger gift. Lid: gift of Peter Kemp
  • Description: Oval jar. High shoulder, wide neck. Inner rim unglazed for lid; base slightly ridged. Early enamels, thickly massed blue and yellow predominate, strong turquoise and slight touches of red. Design of terraced garden with two engawa (verandas) and curtained pillar, large clump of peony in blue, turquoise and yellow and spray of chrysanthemum with a little red. On shoulder and neck, geometric and plain bands. The associated lid bears a different pattern in the same palette of enamels.

    This jar belongs to the group I have classified as the 'Dark blue and dark yellow group'. This type and size of jar is known in a few patterns; most common are this and a landscape pattern (see Idemitsu, 1990, no. 516); our lid is of the landscape pattern. A larger jar in this palette has a landscape pattern (see Idemitsu, 1990, no. 517. Small long-necked bottles, kendi and a koro (Cernuschi Museum, Paris) enamelled with this palette are known; otherwise, no other shapes appear to be recorded. This type is here classified among the proto-Imari group, because of the palette of enamels used. However, comparison of both the motifs depicted and the style of painting on this jar, with that on the great Kakiemon jar (no. 191), make it clear that this was in some way ancestral to the Kakiemon.

  • Exhibited: Fukuoka, 1995, no. 42
  • Similar Example:
  • Illustrated: Impey, 1981, pl. 3; Atterbury (ed.), 1982, p. 45; Battie (ed.), 1990, p. 73.
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