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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1978.480
  • Catalogue No.: 298
  • Object type: Rectangular dish
  • Kiln/Location: Imari, Arita
  • Period/Date: mid- to late 17th century
  • Dimensions: H. 2.5 cm, L. 18.6 cm, W 9.1 cm
  • Provenance: Reitlinger gift
  • Description: Rectangular dish with indented corners. Low, sloping foot. Everted rim with flanged brown edge, slightly lobed at corners. Moulded in low relief with ridges from each corner to base. Underglaze blue, and red and black enamels. Central lake scene with rocks and pagoda, sparsely drawn in underglaze blue. On rim, basketwork pattern in red with four lobed reserves containing treasures sketchily painted in brownish-black. Corner moulded.

    It seems possible that the black enamel is in fact oxidised silver. The formal patterning of the border, and the colours restricted to red and black, though here with the well decorated in underglaze blue, relate this dish to the pair of incense burners belonging to Sir Hans Sloane (MacGregor, 1994, p. 222; illustrated, Jenyns, 1965, pl. 97B) that form part of the foundation collection of the British Museum (1753) (BM 1244 and SL 1056), and the covered box, also in the British Museum (BM 1947.4.17.1), illustrated in Porcelain for Palaces, 1990, pl. 79, and, indeed this dish may well fall into an Early Enamelled Ware category. For an identical dish in the Groninger Museum, Groningen, see Jorg, 2003, no. 30.

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