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  • Museum Accession No.: EA1976.52
  • Catalogue No.: 62
  • Object type: Jar and cover
  • Kiln/Location: Kakiemon style, Arita
  • Period/Date: c. 1670
  • Dimensions: H. 27.3 cm
  • Provenance: Gift of M. C. and J. W. Christie-Miller
  • Description: Baluster jar and cover. Domed cover with flattened knob. Slightly reinforced foot. Strong Early Kakiemon colours. On main body, two chrysanthemums with rocks and flowering plants on one side, butterflies, clouds and more plants on opposite side. Main design enclosed within double red line at top and single red line at foot. Double red line round footrim. On shoulder, narrow blue and green border. On neck, ascending red flag pattern. On lid, two chrysanthemum patterns above red lines and with formal red flag pattern around the simple knob, the top of which is in blue enamel.

    Although the colours are not clear yet, the decorative style foreshadows that on the Early Kakiemon. Note the presence of yellow enamel.

  • Exhibited: Porcelain for Palaces, no. 88; Fukuoka, 1995, no. 41
  • Similar Example:
  • Illustrated: Nippon toji zenshu, 24, 1976, pls. 15, 16; Impey, 1981, pl. 6; Battie (ed.), 1990, p. 48
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