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A Vessel for everyman and his family
How is a vessel defined?
Baluster jug with strap handle
Baluster jug with strap handle. The earthenware was waterproofed by a thin light green glaze
Ceramic forms can be classified according to shape or profile. There is considerable variety in size and height and therefore in capacity. The site of the New Bodleian, Oxford included tall, closed vessels where the diameter of both the opening and the maximum girth are smaller than the overall height; these are defined as jugs for serving and standing at table. They are handled vessels, often with a pouring lip or spout. Jugs can be further classified on the basis of the vessel profiles and by their proportions. Biconical jug with strap handle Biconical jug with strap handle. The upper part is decorated with applied strips of iron-rich clay and a thick, glossy yellow glaze
What purpose did it serve? A Vessel for ... Changing fashions
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