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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic
2000 years of pottery forms and shapes
Early Saxon AD 350 - 650
Chaff-tempered ware Chaff-tempered ware; identifier pw204d Chaff-tempered ware; identifier pw202d  
Large storage jar Food bowl
Sandy ware Sandy ware; identifier pw203d Sandy ware; identifer pw198d Sandy ware, Continental type; identifier pw197d
Urn Urn Urn
Sandy ware Sandy ware, Merovingian type, identifier pw 199d Sandy ware, Frankish type; identifier pw201ad Sandy ware, Frankish type; identifier 200d
Carinated jar Bottle Bottle
With the demise of the Roman Empire, well-organised pottery industries failed and the art of the potter's wheel was lost to the British Isles. Immigrants from north Germany and Jutland brought with them their own traditions of hand-made pots. Some of these, in particular the funerary pots, were clearly the work of very gifted craftsmen.
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