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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic
2000 years of pottery forms and shapes
Modern AD 1720 -
Redware Leafield ware, Oxfordshire;  identifier pw30d Leafield ware, Oxfordshire; identifier pw 247d    
Pear-shaped jug and domed money box Domed money box
Slipped redwares


Brill slipware, Buckinghamshire; identifier pw41d

Brill slipware, Buckinghamshire; identifier pw191d    
Extra large plate Plate
Blackware Blackware, Jackfield type; identifer pw500d Blackware; identifier pw242d Blackware; identifier pw243d Blackware; identifier pw 245d
Teapot Jar Flared jar Cider jar

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The Modern period saw a demand still for country pottery and its traditional shapes of the earlier period in addition to the mass-produced wares that saturated the country. The early twentieth century saw a revival of traditional medieval shapes and colours by some Studio potters, while others were stimulated by oriental vessel forms and some combined elements from both traditions.

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