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Early Europe & Near East
Classical to Medieval
Europe from 1500
Oriental & Islamic

2000 years of pottery forms and shapes
Early Post-medieval AD 1450 - 1600

Brill type ware Brill type ware;  identifier pw18 Brill type ware; identifier pw113 Brill type ware;  identifier pw101 Brill type ware; identifier pw111 Brill type ware;  identifier pw38

Moneyboxes, knobbed & mammiform (foreground)

Biconical bottle Barrel-shaped jug Pear-shaped jug Tall flared jar
Redware Redware;  identifier pw62 Redware;  identifier pw97 London Post-medieval Slipped redware;  identifier pw109



Necked cup Divided dish Chafing dish  


Assorted wares Tudor Green ware;  identifier pw19 Italian tinglaze earthenware; identifier pw29 Rhenish stonewares;  identifier pw36 Midlands Purple ware; identifier pw37



Shouldered drinking jug & lobed cup Ring-handled vase Baluster drinking jug & rounded drinking cup Barrel-shaped jug  
The early post-medieval period saw the introduction of many more fine-walled drinking vessels but large jugs were still used as decanters to fill ceramic vessels or more precious metal vessels used at table. Stoneware drinking vessels from the Rhineland began to be imported in large numbers. Deep-sided dishes were re-introduced in some regions (not illustrated). Novelties such as money boxes (apprentice boxes) appear and Continental tin-glazed earthenware vases are recognised for the first time, often depicted in contemporary manuscripts and paintings with flowers.
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